About Us

Where Contemporary Meets Classic

Oree Knot (a subsidiary of Rimor Enterprises circa 2006) is a Pakistani fashion brand that offers elegant, high-quality made-to-order and prêt designs for style-conscious women and men. Through a blend of traditional patterns and modern trends, we build exclusive collections that combine sophistication with comfort and affordability. 


Quality Fashion To Complement You

At Oree Knot, we believe that fashion isn’t just a creative expression, but an embodiment of your personality. We recognize everyone has a unique style - for this reason, we’re passionate about offering customized designs in addition to our wide selection of ready-to-wear pieces. 

Inspired by bold colors and clean lines, we bring a unique approach to our designs. Using refined materials, we love incorporating intricate detailing to our exceptional fabrics to create fresh and original styles. While many patterns are heavily inspired by classic Pakistani patterns, our designs often reflect Western themes or subtle hints of Arabian, Turkish, and other eastern aesthetics. We use a variety of textures such as silk, velvet, cotton, chiffon, and more, based on the season and current trends. 

We strongly believe that designer fashion and quality fabric shouldn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we aim to make our products accessible with competitive pricing. 


About Oree Knot

Oree Knot was founded in 2020 by Aisha Zaheer, a born-and-raised Pakistani with a passion for fashion. Aisha spent several years designing her own creations for her many nieces and nephews, who sought her vivid colors, delicate embellishments, and clean stitching over anything available in the market. Following her love for fashion and designing, Aisha decided to establish her own business and offer her distinct perspective to others. 

As a family business, customer care and satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are able to devote time and attention to your requirements, and provide personalized recommendations based on our expertise. 

To stay ahead in the ever-changing fashion industry, continuous development and learning is extremely important to us as a dynamic company. Through both in-person and online market research, we keep honing our craft and constantly update our collections while staying true to our roots. 

In 2022, we launched our online store to make it possible for customers around the world to conveniently order Oree Knot products, serving markets in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We continue to grow and expand our offerings so that we can best serve our clients.